what we do

Step Up Engineering Services / Precise Engineering Services is an engineering solution company provide services and engineering solutions in the field of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Project Management, Plant Maintenance, Energy Conservation, Piping works, Steel Fabrication, Carpentry services, Specialized Production(Machining & Casting) and Spare Parts Supply.

Karachi Wire was founded in 2007, to meet rapidly changing industrial demands for high quality services in the field of Electrical and Instrumentation coupled with optimal cost. We are specialized in project management related Electrical cabling and wiring systems, electronically operated equipment, Instrumentation and communication. We are specialized in all Industrial engineering Repairs, Sales and Service. We sell and repair AC and DC Drives, circuit boards.


Our mission is to share knowledge and skills to enhance and sustain excellence in industrial practices.

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Safety Procedures

Detailed on site procedures and task hazard analysis are fully documented and followed. The site supervisor and safety specialists are responsible for all on-site day-to-day activities including:
• Inspection Test Plan and Quality Control
• Detailed Risk Assessment of site.
• Daily Safety Talk before starting work.
• Weekly Progress and Schedule Reporting.
• Crew and Equipment Planning.


Our services

  • Residential Construction & Renovation
    At Precise Engineering Services, we believe in giving our clients the best quality construction, renovation and revamping work at a…
  • Architect and Interior Designing
    Architect and Interior Designing We imbue a glance of client’s requirement into the building reality. However interior design, decoration and…
  • Sand Blasting
    Sand Blasting Sand blasting is majorly used for the  surface preparation of steel surfaces, Storage tanks & Pressure Vessel. Sand…
  • Welding
    Welding We have a certified welders staff have expertise to perform welding jobs according to  the requirements and codes for…
  • Fabrication Shop
    Fabrication Shop Our Fabrication Shop facility is located at Ahsanabad Karachi, which is fully capable to cater any type of…
  • Industrial Duct & Cladding Works
    Industrial Duct & Cladding Works We are also well versed in industrial cladding & ductwork applications. We fabricate these finished…
  • Civil Construction
    CIVIL STRUCTURES: •    For R.C.C  Structure •    For Block Masonry Structures •    Restoration and conservation services •    Bridge Crossings ON-GROUND…
  • Energy Conservation
    Increasing energy cost and unavailability of energy resources is the biggest problem faced by our industry. We can reduce your…
  • Electrical, Automation & Instrumentation Works
    This is the era of technology and only the well equipped can compete in the market. We provide solutions that…
  • Parts Development & Repairing (Machining, Casting)
    Parts Development & Repairing (Machining, Casting) We provide manual machining processes. Our skilled technical team provides machining services to develop…
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Corporate Values

Step Up Engineering Services shall endeavor continuously to carry out works & supplies of quality matched with standards, on time every time at competitive prices to build client confidence.

SUES Aims to achieve this through a structured continuous improvement program that ensures the quality of our products and services, helps reduce the Costs and develop staff competency.

1.    To fulfill all the aspects of Company’s contracted obligations to the satisfaction of our client.

2.    To be recognized as leaders in all areas of our business.

3.    To provide our employees with stability and good working environment.

4.    Achieve sustained growth of our business with consistent profitability.

ceo's message
  • Our vision is to provide services to industry by using best engineering practices in a manner that will increase their process effectiveness and reduce operating cost. Supply of high quality material that will ensure plant reliability and hence productivity.