Architect and Interior Designing

Architect and Interior Designing

We imbue a glance of client’s requirement into the building reality. However interior design, decoration and renovation are about making space feel like a cohesive whole, with the exterior outlook as well as a functionality of the building complex.

We reckon that architecture is a unique blend of science & art. Our design principles are based on rectitude and practicality, where a variety of styles can beguile to our clients’ individual tastes and preferences. The unified themes and outlooks within all these spaces are to make the client feel comfortable.

We commence a project with On-site analysis, thorough research on schematics and space-specific planning followed by zonal allotments and operational layout to produce a scheme of designs that meets the client's brief and project goals. Architects at Landscape are impassioned to produce a design for any given site after understanding the client's design objectives and budget.

Our construction process is completely transparent. We update our clients about material specifications and vendors beforehand with proper documents. The project follows a construction timeline and the on-site deputed labour is well trained and has sound working experience. All teams have been headed by supervisors who are responsible for ensuring smooth on-site operations and construction they also work as a collaborator between the client and the design team when it comes to on-site changes. We prepare architectural and engineering drawings for construction. BOQ (Bill of Quantities) details the materials, specifications, quantities and unit prices that define the cost of the project.

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