• Industrial Piping

    Industrial Piping We provide prime quality piping fabrication and installation services in all materials like Carbon Steel, SS304,S.S-316, PVC, UPVC, CPVC, HDPE etc. While employing well experienced craftsmen with extensive…

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  • Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels

    Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels We also provide services in fabrication and erection of tanks and pressure vessels of all sizes and shapes. We provide fabrication services in all types…

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  • Erection of Cooling Tower

    Erection of Cooling Tower Our specialized erection and rigging team with years of experience will carry out a professional installation job on time as per installation procedure provided by OEM.

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  • Welding

    Welding We have a certified welders staff have expertise to perform welding jobs according to  the requirements and codes for any design, We have successfully performed welding jobs as per …

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  • Fabrication Shop

    Fabrication Shop Our Fabrication Shop facility is located at Ahsanabad Karachi, which is fully capable to cater any type of fabrication needs of industries that we service provided with all…

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  • Mechanical Structure

    Mechanical Structure We are one of the most capable fabrication service provider to be found in Karachi. Combining a high level of expertise with a commitment to time, quality and…

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  • Industrial Duct & Cladding Works

    Industrial Duct & Cladding Works We are also well versed in industrial cladding & ductwork applications. We fabricate these finished parts with an array of different materials as the process…

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  • Parts Development & Repairing (Machining, Casting)

    Parts Development & Repairing (Machining, Casting) We provide manual machining processes. Our skilled technical team provides machining services to develop or repair jobs. We offer tooling services to complete the…

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